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Week 2


Picture a Day - Designers Breaking The Rules

The images below where from a visit to NTU graduation fare

This picture shows a hanging light design which has a form of twisted lines with connection to the LED tubes. It gives an image an spectacle viewing from this point of view but also a symbolizing DNA from horizontal angle.This makes me wonder how creative the creator is. It also enhance modern,futuristic atmosphere that I think majority of the people would like this design. It lead me to think where does the wire connect to. That makes me wonder of the lights placing in this position makes the room larger.


The interesting shapes of paper crafting with built in LED lights. It has variety of  shapes and forms that gives an different illuminations inside the paper lamp shade. I wonder how it looks like from inside.


This interesting twisted look table lights enhance a futuristic atmosphere which are in different colors of lights. The table lamp on the left indicate a form of a worm coming out from the underground. To me the light next to it looks like an futuristic towel. This lead me to think why its created in this unique form but not in the usual style.


This piece of furniture has it's multi-purpose usage of relocating the backrest, padded seat and you can place anything under the chair with an built-in shelves. On the color of the itself gives an soothing feel that makes you want to rest on the sofa. I think it is sufficient as you are able to position the siting you are comfortable to. I wonder what motivated the designer to come out with this design and inspiration.


The hanging lights above are made up of rattan and fabrics that has a shape of a jellyfish. I wonder what inspire the designer to have these thoughts.


From the picture above shows an image of a rug that was made up of thousands of recycled fabric rolled into a balled shape.This lead me to think of what the designer want to produce. 
A work to reduce and reuse items to save earth? It looks like a string together flowers as the fabric colors are intensives. I wonder how long would it took to complete one of this projects. 

I realize that the furniture can be in different forms of shape and design. The most attractive design is the light made of paper.

                                               Research on Designers who Break the rules 


Bed & Study

The designer want to create a debate about lack of student housing. Therefore, he constructed a house-shaped structure offer just enough space for a collapsible desk and seat. The back wall can be placed down as the bed. What an good multi-functional workplace for the student and it's so convenient and simple to use that they don't have to find a place just for work.

In my opinion I think its a very creative design for student who need an quiet and comfortable environment for them to study, that might help them to concentrate on their work. 




This designer whatshisname created a Good Boy lamp that his aim is to encourage the public to look at surrounding world and question in derisive, jeering way. This interesting design of a dog carrying a lamp on its head and it's poop is the switch. 

In my opinion, I think if this design is for people who wants to keep a dog at home but for some unavailable reasons.

                                                         Book: Furniture Design

The tables and chairs from Georgian collection XYZ Integrated Architecture's 60 series are all produced with traditional techniques and materials. They share their trait, as well : their supports are uniformly titled 60 degree. In this form of design, it alert peoples a sense of collapsing when things are placed on it. Especially the chair gives the most frightening feel when u are about to sit on it.

This furniture has slanted legs that looks like its going to fall. 


What an interesting looking shelves that can deconstruct and rotate a regular bookcase, re-configuring it into a series of smaller units with side access and more storage for the books. I wonder if it can be used as partition walls as one part of the design.

I didn't know that the shelves can be rotated in the manner which includes lots of storage space for the client with lots of accessories at home. 

(Ignore the Growth Table)

The interesting part about this design is there is a break-away from the stairs and without the railings.
It can use it as a shelves at the side which saves lots of spaces.

In my opinion, I think that it gives me the nerve ranking feeling of falling,If  I were to walk on the stairs with only thin-steel stand supporting it. Especially without the handles, walking down to the apartment, that makes it more terrifying. But on the other hand, this stairs can be used as shelves to place our things which had more storage place for us.

                                         Julie Burstein - Breaking The Rules of Creativity


Julie Burstein is a radio host that talks about creative people for a living and share about how to create in the face challenge, self-doubt and loss. She mentioned creativity grows out of everyday experience through embrace experience that are hard to do when lighted rectangle in your pockets that takes all of your focus. As in the video she shares about an Indian director named Mira Nair, things that inspired her was traveling folk theater that would come through the town and see these great battles of good and evil by the two people in a field,with no props but filled with passion and hashish that sparked to led her to set her path to become an successful creative artist. Besides that, creativity also grow from the broken places and the best way to learn is through stories, work and play and four other aspects of life that need to embrace in order to have our own creativity to flourish.

Artist also speaks about how some of their powerful work comes out of their parts of their life that are most difficult. Which comes to the part of Richard Ford story about his childhood challenge that continues to be something wrestle with today. He's severely dyslexic that he was slow to learn and read all the way through school. He can read faster as he can read out loud but he came very slowly in reconciling himself and noticed to appreciated all of those qualities of language by doing it very slowly. As he released after linger all the sentences which has helped him to write sentences. That he has to embrace the challengers to overcome his weakness. Creativity is also about pushing yourself to the limits of what they can do, into what they can,t do helps them forces to find their own voice.

The hardest embrace is to embrace of the loss, most constant of human experiences. In order to have creativity is to stand in that space between what we see in the world and hope for looking squarely of rejection, heartbreaking,war, death.That all means, tragic not because it's sad but because it;s inevitable. From the photographer Joel Meyerowitz, said that horrific,tragic,ugliness can be seen in a different way as in nature enormous event that was transformed after the fact into this residue. Last but not least, creativity can inspire you from the inherent beauty of nature, as time,is erasing this world. Time is unstoppable and it transforms an event.

 In my opinion, we can all be creative with the things that we see, feel and touch. And simple ways to make our life easier.

                                      The egg experiment

On the 30th July 2016, our class conducted an experiment of not letting the egg break inside the cup when it is released from high distance and therefore the whole packaging must look presentable if we were to sell this product. So we form in groups of three and discuss on how we can protect the eggs from breaking.

First Examination
First we stuff some tissue in the cup then put in the eggs and stuff it on top of the egg till the brim for testing.Tissue under the egg to stable it from rolling and touching the cup directly.  

The egg is still unstable after trying out. So we proceed to the second examination.

Second Examination

Our group decided to wrap the egg up with a layer of tissues after wrapping it up with another layer of tapes which made the egg looked unpresentable but strong enough to protect the egg. So we conducted the third experiment.

Final Product

For the final experiment, we decided the egg remain untouched and stuff the cup with tissue and under and on top of the egg. Then wrap the cups with duct tape around it and sealed the openings tight to secure the egg. The cup looks much better compare to the other subjects.

 Experiment Time 

 What a relief, the egg did not break. SUCCEED!!! 

Video: Egg experiment


I have learn that teamwork is very important because we can get better ideas through discussion by listening to their ideas and comments. One person take a longer time to the solution than the group of teammates. 

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