Friday, 15 July 2016


                                                              Journey of picture a day

I went to East Coast Park for cycling along the beaches. The sky was clear blue and puffy dense clouds  is about to cover up the sky. Blue sea with flickering reflective lights from the sun that makes me think if I could stay nearby to the beach with beautiful landscaping of the nature, listening to gushing sound of the waves and looking at greenish plantations.

I saw an interesting skeleton of a coral that was found on a sandy beach. Its has a unique shape of curves that makes it looks like a blossom flower.  When it is placed upside down it looks like a skirt.
Another reason would be they need fishers to distinct the corals that make them so attractive. I think if its hard to find such an unique shapes as maybe it only can be found in the deep ocean in some various country. Its versatile look gives a sense of playfulness. I think the curvy ends of the coral look beautifully waved.


From the picture above grasses growing on the rocks formations, like gashing waters that is sweeping away the entire place. The rounder rock looks likes an explosion of the nuclear bomb or a mushroom's pileus(cap). It also gives an image of a head of a human standing in a crowd. Every rocks has its own unique shape this leads me to wonder its originality. I wonder how the color comes about of the rocks come about. 


These form of rocks looks like it has been dumped out, and looks like a person laying on the massive rocks but some of the rocks looks like a person's head stitching out among the crowds. 


"Welcome to Tampines Eco-Green Park. " A perfect place to relax and bird sight seeing. The place are rather silence that you could hear bird twitching and cricket chirping. Beautiful greenish plats along the side of the path that gives me a thought of walking through the endless forest. That for fill my adventure spirit. 


 When I walk further in I saw a fence that is coiled with thickly dotted coil plants that lead me to wonder why the coil plants are all growing to the stand and not on the trees or bushes nearby.


Walking along, I saw this little green shimmered beetles looks like a mini cooper and a mouse or a shinny green diamond. It was resting on a wooden plank that lead me to think if its enjoying itself under the cloudy afternoon. From its color , I think it is to camouflage itself in bushes or maybe to attract its mates. This is the first time that I saw a green beetle and I was fascinated by the beautiful     glossy shimmered colors insects that can only be found at certain parts of the place.


I notice in nature, there are lots of things going on that we have not found and the beauty of the creation of god.

                                Tim Brown: Tales of creativity 

Tim Brown expressed the powerful relationship between creative and play. In the video, I have learnt that we get less creative as we grow older. Children do not fear to be judge to be judges to creativity as compared to adults. Most importantly is that we that we are embarrassed and conscious about the things we do. As designers,I feel that we should explore more into our creativity. Adults use to categories things when problems comes but children have the curiosity wanting to know or explore on the things of what they can do with it. 

On the other hand, playfulness plays an important part of the roles which we use in pragmatic way and helps us get better creative solutions.Creativity is also breaking the rules and norms that shock people out of their minds.Hence it developed a wide rang things and ideas solutions. Prototype are basically working with hands to produce creativity for example a nurse shows a very simple things made up of plasticine in a way to expressed that thing could be invented in future preferences.

Last but not least, to enhance these playful and creatively we need to build-out a model or drawing to develop a better ideas and creativity. 


In my opinion, I noticed when an adult gets older, they become more enclosed and are afraid of people judgement, of where ideas comes from, and the things around us that gives us the inspiration.

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