Friday, 29 July 2016

Week 3

Brainstorming on mind mapping-durian

On Friday, our group did on the mind mapping on what we can see, think and wonder. When we started on this project, the first thing that comes to my mind is the odor of the durian. Followed by it's shape reminds me of the Esplanade because it has the exact shape and texture of  a durian. As
most people, are afraid of the smell and taste of durian as it have very strong odor and taste creamy which might stain in the mouth for a period of time which most people cannot accept it. 

On my view of point, durian can be made into many products and inspirations that are useful to our daily life. The durian has many variety of uses that we can think of and reusing the nature resources helps to save the environment.   

 Brainstorming of pictures a day


The Bras Basah CC1 train station has an interesting design of the interior, that has the repetition of black steel columns which consist a built-in speakers and lighting in it. I think it looks likes a pipe or a log by it's color and shape. That lead me to wonder of a log that is stuck in between the two walls.


                                 You can see repetition of columns, when going down the escalator.


The open glass ceiling with dazzling water on the glasses sheets. It enhance a feeling of swimming in a open ocean.The sunlight hits on the water surface that causes the dazzling shadow and reflections of the water, on the wall. That lead me to wonder of a complex place underwater.


On my way home, I noticed there are lots of  Mimosa plants on the grass field. It has small fluffy, rounded and pinkish flower that looks like a fire works and a sea urchin. I wonder if there are thousands and hundreds of tabloid and infertile flower petals. 


A group of pigeons is always at this pond side, I wonder if they are thirsty. The body of the pigeons looks like a teapot from the side view.

          Explain of  pigeon 

  • Mouth- Teapot's mouth
  • Neck- Spout
  • Body- Teapot's belly
  • Tail- Handle



This a fan can multi-task to save files and use it as a fan. I wonder how strong can the wind goes.


I noticed a bright yellow iron container with a black words on it. That lead me to think of a bee by it's color in black and yellow contrast. Unfortunately, the door is locked, that lead me to wonder what is inside this iron container.


There are sections of overlapping containers that are use as a individual rooms for gallery. That lead me to wonder if these containers can be used as an apartment or houses from the residents to live in. That would actually save the cost of construction and reuse the resources to help to save the environment. 

Steven Johnson Brainstorming-TED Talk


Steven Johnson shares how history tells a different story. His fascinating experiences from the ''liquid networks'' of London's coffee houses to Charles Darwin's long, slow hunch to today's high-velocity web. The talk summaries an idea is not a single item; its a network the most elemental level that firing in sync with each other inside our brain. It's a new configuration that never formed before. Ideas are the combination of two or more 'plain old things' that we stitch them together into a new form and create something new. If we were trying to build organizations that are more innovative, it's going to be chaotic. 

In my opinion, ideas come together in chaotic environments where people from diverse backgrounds come together. Thus your work place should be just a little chaotic, with people sitting close to each other. From this part of the message, when people start to research in field, they start to get notoriously unreliable, when they actually kind of self-report on their own good ideas or their history of their best ideas. 

Most of the ideas comes from people sharing mistakes and thoughts with others which likely to generate more ideas. While great ideas might seems to come in this one magical moment, they have long incubation periods. They have been there in your mind: you just realize it around that one moment you might think of as the 'Eureka' moment. Last but not least, it allow your hunches to connect with other people's hunches. The value of protecting Intellectual Property is overrated. We should spend more time sharing ideas than protecting them.


Brainstorming help us to think broader and wider, to help us to put things well organised,
step by step in an clear process or procedure that help us to complete our task. It also benefits to reflect on the things that needs to be improved. 

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