Friday, 5 August 2016

Week 5

Mind map on Punks

On Friday, we have a presentation to do in class for our project. It was atrocious as we did not plan and discuss properly as a group. Because we are unsure of the instructions given and no one stand up to ask. I felt ashamed and disappointed of myself, so decided to make a first step to ask and to write down the information of the research on a piece of paper. As the result, things becomes better. So we split the jobs to my teammates. In doing a research it helped on mind mapping and understand the topic better on how punks came about, from US spread to UK and Australia since 1970, and how it affect the society. How's the impression given by the people, those are the important parts to consider too.  

 Mind map on picture a day


The Marina Bay Sands building resemble the ship that was placed on the three rows of racks.The three hotels has the shapes of the Chinese word " " from the side view. That lead me to wonder of three man carrying the boat. I am also curious of how it was built since tower is not straight.


Garden by the Bay is the tropical garden in Singapore which is on of the enormous garden in Singapore. On its outer shape of the sea shell looking shape that have repetition of progressive curved lines surrounding it, that resemble a current waves. That lead me to think of  the fast moving waves that are coming continuously. I wonder how much capacity of the illumine can hold that are filled with tropical plantations.  


Some people say it looks like a hand but I have a different thoughts of it as its more to a lotus that symbolizes hope, beauty and rebirth. The petal form with layers that superposition to each other in an progressive manner, that forms in a round quantity.

It lead me to think of how is it able to stand stably with a small proportion, on a rounded surface with only a few beans and lobby to support the upper part. I wonder if the anchors would have more petals that enhance a more blossomy and massive look, around the middle base that stimulates people attentions and becomes a focal point of the buildings. 


The National Stadium looks like a turtle shell that has an semi-circle of its shape. The stadium features a domed roof structure with a retractable roof .The lowest tier has mechanized and automated retractable seating configurations.I think if its possible that the top layer of the two panel would automatically open up when the sports or events are held. That lead me to wonder of a turtle herniating inside its shell for many years.

                                                                       Indoor Stadium

The first time I saw this building, it looks like a volcano, mountain and barnacles. This building was right beside the National Stadium. It is design by a Japanese architecture named Kenzo Tange. It has an four triangular shape ceiling with a long strip of rectangles at the edge that comes in an unity, to form a square. I wonder if this architect building design is inspired from the nature.

Every year during the hungry ghost festival, lots of joss paper will be burned inside the burning bin on on the floor that causes lots of ashed floating around and causing the air pollution. That lead me to think if there is a way to prevent this from happening. 
I wonder I there is a machine, like a vacuum machine that can suck up all the ash ,dust and smoke that are placed on the burning bin that reduce less pollution. 


Finally, I am back home. I saw this beautiful sunset where the some clouds blocked the sun but I can still see yellow and orange light coming through the clouds.That looks like a lava and scattering violet and blue clouds that looks like piles and piles of wet sand. That lead me to wonder walking on a sandy beach. In my opinion, I never thought of the skies changes that fast everyday, that why time fly's.

Amy Tan- TED Talk


I have learnt that small things can give us the inspiration through our daily lives and how we modify the things to become a more functional product that makes our life easier, by not setting our limits that lead us to think over head of impossible things to possible. To upgrade our thoughts and ideas while we are doing it, at the same new things will come up to our mind.

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