Friday, 12 August 2016

Week 6

Picture a day of Lateral Thinking 

                                Luminous Callidus Spiritus

This piece of work has an interesting of philosophical concept of Emergentism, which explores the emergence of the new and unexpected properties irreducible to interactions and between parts of a system. The flowers has an translucent shells, as the lights of the pulsating clusters can shine through them causing a radiation of shadows and brightness. The wires are connected to flowers to flowers that lead me to think of it gives a sense of calmness and rising from a dark place to a beauty. I wonder if the flowers can be opened and closed automatically and how the names came about.

                               Ultima Mudfox

This work comes from an inspiration of a dolphin, that glides unencumbered through the mud. The first time I saw this, I thought it was a fish called the "white sturgeon" because of its fin. The blue led light generates the flow of movement and the fin switch its position very slowly. I think this art work is to deliver a message to plausibility of the existence of these wondrous creatures.

                                            Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan: Passage III; Project Another Country

I think it resembles a shanty town perched unsteadily on a wooden boat, suggesting the precocity of homes and of ''home''. Which it consist small houses overcrowding on a boat. I think it resembles new beginning to a new journey in our life. I wonder if it does have other meanings like the boat to a specific place to a complex emotions arising from social dislocation.


This artwork emphasis the Kepler-22b, a planet some 600 light years from Earth, which has an mirror image of earth in an crucial way. As the window is rotated with each viewing, these liquid substances reform the landscape within the frame. The sand in the water looks like mountains of a portrait drawing. 

This table has a contour line under a sheet of glass, in the middle of the table with sands on the bottom. That lead me to think of  walking among the rocks of cliff in the dessert. Thus giving a sense of dry and humid atmosphere. I wonder how this table are made.  


During the communication workshop I had learnt about the communication skills of art that how me present it in the way to express ourselves and deliver the message or knowledge to the people. This is one of the mind map that our group did. That is about the causes of unsuccessful presentation. So to me, to specify a clearer explanation about the lesson, I feel the same thing that communication is a form of art as we have to perform on stage by using our body language, communication and fecal  expression that catch the attention to the listeners. it is important to apply these skills to anywhere we go. I wonder if  it can change a persons thoughts and creativity in arts or maybe able to speak fluently and confident in anything we want to accomplish.


On my trip to shopping mall, I came across the lobby and saw this dream world classic design filled with lots of reflective accessories and fixture. The first that caught my eyes is the pool and the fountain of glass cup, lady in blue dressers (mannequin) in the boat then followed by the hanging lights that looks like jellyfishes swimming in the open sea. That lead me to think of a amusement park that are filled with many facilities that you can play. Especially the pool that looks a merry-go-round from its shimmered colors and display of  the boat. The boat looks like an banana and a smile by its shape of the pointed tip. That leads me to wonder  why is it not other themes that u can think of , like Charlie and the Chocolate  Factories theme as the design which also can produce a similar feel.

Mind map on " How education leads to a happy life"

This is our second project that we need to find out ''how education leads to a happy life.'' When I think of the question, the first thoughts that comes in mind is ''health'' because a health lifestyle helps you to perform to your best of your ability whether is in school or working. You don't have to worry about unafford to pay your school fees as medicals fees cost a bomb in Singapore. As for me, I wrote it down in my sketch in point form so that its well organised and easier to read. 

The bee quiz

Imagine this room, the window on the at the back is open. In front of the window there is a table with a vase, in which a fresh rose stands. A painting of flowers hangs on the opposite wall (at the whiteboard area) A bee flies into the room through the open window, straight to the painting and not the rose. WHY?!?

My Answers are:
  • There are more flowers on the painting compared to the one on the table.
  • Honey spilled onto the painting that attract the bee.
  • The bee is cant differentiate the painting and the real one.  
  • The painting are too realistic
  • The flowers in the paintings have more vibrant colors that makes it look tasty. 


 I have learn that it is important to think broader will help us to make thing more specific instead of one route. 

Activities In Class 

On Friday, our class gets to try out, to solve the problems of using four straight lines to connect the nine dots without overlapping the line on the same line. It was hard as I need to think out of the box.

Boxing up to the jointing dots, criss-cross, zig-zag... I tried hard using many ways to solve it, after trying the several time, I still can't get the answers.

 These are the two examples


I finally understand, I start the first line out of the nine dots to connect them together using the criteria given.  The most important tricks is to think out of the box.

Puzzle 2

Forming an triangle that can be rearranged up and down to form a triangle. After trying all the methods I finally got it. 

Puzzle 3

Continuous lines without breaking it or overlapping the line. 

After trying many time , the lines still overlap many times. Which I can't still find an answer.


I have learn that anything is possible we need to think out of the box without setting an limits to our work. So that this is how creativity comes in.

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