Friday, 5 August 2016

Week 4

STW-Picture a day

Top Interior by Taiwan Interior and Architect Company. Ltd. Ptd

I found a book on top interior and saw this interesting design of the hanging fixtures cluttering thin and fine metal strip that looks like the a bunch of hair that has tangled up. I wonder it resemble the smoke or a dark cloud.

This is another interesting design from the book it has a wave looking of the ceiling with many layers coming down to the wall. I wonder if the shapes of the ceiling resembles wall resembles the surface of a rock.


It's my first time to Bedok reservoir and I didn't notice it is such an wonderful place filled with lively atmosphere. The water is clean and clear and I can hear birds cheeping in the sky. There is lots of trees along the sides of the sandy path way. It was a 15 minutes walk from my home to there and I didn't released it was that near from home.

  View from high ground


 The vast pond from this view resemble a scene of a mangrove swamp.I wonder what is that pile of sands doing there and it has left there for decades of years. It lead me to think if there a cement factory nearby.

I realized the security camera with a solar panel on top of the post. I never seen this kind of design before as we usually see the solar system placed on the rooftop. The security camera looks a Venus fly trap ( a plant that capture insects). It lead me to wonder if it's located here as this spot has direct sunlight.

On the jetty bridge I saw there is a row of seats and plantation at the back of it in the middle of the open space.That lead me to think if who would want to seat under the hot sun during the day. I wonder if the shelters can be built on that area to keep away from direct sunlight.

On the log, I saw a trail of ants crawling back to its nest they seems to be cooperative and orderly back to their nest that lead me to think of watermelon seeds as its black and small. It also looks like a group of army launching off for battle. That makes me wonder if humans were to be like ants, cooperative and helpful.

Tony Fadell Secret of Great Design 


Tony Fadell talks about the first secret of great design of why do we get used to everyday things. Human beings have limited brain power and it encode the everyday things we do in to habitats in order to free up space to learn new things.The process is called habituation and it's the most basic ways, as humans , we learn. Habituation is not always bad because we can adapt to the environment or the things we do, as the day goes by. If we our drains don't get habituated, we would noticed  every little details that would be exhausting and no time to learn about new things. But sometimes habituation can be bad, if we stop noticing the problems around us. 

Which stops us from noticing and fixing those problems. It is easier to solve problems that almost everyone sees rather then solving problems that almost no one sees. We see the invisible problems not just obvious problems that's important. 

Before we can solve invisible problems, we need to feel and see them and it's basically about neuroscience or psychology. To fight habituation we need to look broader, when we're tackling a problem, sometimes, there are lot of steps that lead up to that problem or a lot of steps after it. If we can take a step back and look broader, maybe we can change some of those boxes, before the problems to combine them or remove them together to achieve better solutions. 

Secondly it's to look closer that focus on those tiny details the one we may not see to improvise on our thinking and ideas last but not least, we have to think younger is to expose  to something, the more we get used to it, As for kids run into problems, they immediately try to solve them and sometimes they find a better solutions. And that solutions really is better. 

We need young people in our teams or people with young minds because they cause everyone to think younger. We see the world clearly for the first time, before our lifetime of habits got in the way. It is important to get back there to feel that frustration to look in  little details, to look broader, closer and to think younger to stay as a beginners.It's difficult, as it requires us pushing back against one of the most basic ways we make sense of the world.


It is important to think broader, younger and to look closer as these three main topics lead us to become a more detailed person and think wider to make life interesting and easier for us to do things. As a designer or creator, they have to look into small details and comes out with an solutions when problems are highlighted, to produce an faster, easier products for us.

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