Monday, 12 September 2016

Week 7

Picture a day of analogical thinking


 I see there are lots of green plantation with waterfall coming down to the bottom of the road out to the ocean. The scenery brings a unrestrained feel to the surroundings that lead me to think how good well it be if I were to stay here. The streams of water flowing down from this hill top is a beautiful sight. The gentle flow suggest a calm look and brings harmony to the surrounding. I wonder on its magical flow crystal-clear water, ever so crisp and shimmery.

 MBS: Waterfall

I came across the waterfall inside the MBS building. The water coming down from the pipe, gushing down to the center of the bowl causing the water to move spirally. This reminds me of a sink, which waste water are released to the drainage.

MBS: Window display

When I was drowsing through the shops, I noticed this interesting window display that caught my eyes. It has numerous of  different types of planets that you can find, to promote their new dress. I think the background design doesn't fit with the dress but it still catch's your attention. 

Bugis Plus- Exterior

On my way to Bugis MRT, I saw this  interesting building that consist the repetition of  hexagon shape that resembles crystal or snow. It has a very reflective silvery color when the sun hits onto the surface.  

In the cable car towards Sentosa, the sun was bright up in the sky. When I capture the picture, I saw a light coming down from the sky to the ground. It looks like an explosion in the sky. 

When I was in Sentosa, I saw these two peacocks crossing the road strolling slowly to the other side  of the road. It seems that they are used to the environment here without any conscience or worries that they would get hit by the vehicles. 

Part 1

While visiting the NTU Graduation Fare, I saw these architecture models made from white mounting board. The models on the right catchers my attention the most, as it superposition of the curved lines that forms a flow of water. This lead me to wonder if it resemble gushing water.

Part 2

The students from architectures plays with different types of organic shape and sizes of the exterior, before proceeding to their design. I didn't know that there are so many shape and forms that can be consider into interior and architecture design.

Lesson on analogical thinking

Analogical thinking is what we do when we use information from one domain to help to solve a problem in another domain. An analogy is a comparison between two things. These are some examples of  analogy, similes and metaphor below.


  • Type of argument
  • More complicated and lengthy
  • Points out similarities between two things

  • Uses the word 'like' or 'as'
  • Example: He is hungry as a horse.

  • Directly state the comparison
  • Example: Time is a thief


I think think analogically is important to us as we can identify the similarities between two things and improve on things we do,this help us to think broader and become a more creative person. 

Human face around us

In analogical thinking, we see things that reminds us of a human faces. Here are some examples of the things or buildings that looks like a human faces, these are the findings that I think it looks alike.

This speaker has an face of curiousness and in a stun state.

From this angle can you see this cooking pot is smiling at you? 

Viewing from other side of the cooking pot, 
it looks depressed and unhappy from this point of view.  

This face looks board and sleepy.

Even there is a face on the radio, can you spot it? 
It has an adorable face with an big eyes and young smile.

But on the top view of the radio, it has an grumpy face which look depress.

This building in Nafa Campus 1, has an evil smile and look aggressive.

This structure building has a mouth of a duck, 
it see that this person has an allergic to something that causes this to happen.

The door at MRT station has a mischievous face, making faces, with the tongue out. 

This sign board (above) seems to be winking at you.

The socket has a face too, it  has an expression of an astonishment and surprised. 

Even Chinese word '笑' has a face too. It seems like its smirking with confidence.

The handle of the book cabinet, together with cloths hanger make a human face too.

This bag looks grumpy and anxious about something. 

The sharpener haven a rounded big nose. 

This face looks like biting its teeth tightly or giving an fake smile.

A simple moon cake booth can have a human face.


Viewing from different angles of perspective views, you would notice different human faces are formed and changed from different angles. And it is also about the feelings and thoughts from different views in personal. 

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