Monday, 12 September 2016

Week 8

Analogical thinking 

Spiral in nature

The sea shell has a spiral shape, as you can see the brown color pattern on each knob of the shell that goes in spiral movement. This lead me to think if the darker brown color has the replication on each knob which makes it more obvious than without it that makes it less intense. This makes me wonder
on its unique blend of color which evens out so nicely that it gives the shell the perspective color.

  • Brown color strips
  • Pointy edges
  • Spire ( short on the tip)
  • Apex(nip of the shell)
  •  Body Whorl (broad)
  • White Background
  • Aperture (glossy-cream color)
  • Outer lip ( shades of brown that fades into the cream)
  • Siphonal notch
  • Vibrant colours 

2 Questions
  • How is this formed of many unique shapes.
  • How the colors came about

The seahorse has the tail that goes in spiral as they would hook on the corals to breed. When they die their tail will automatically cured up .  I wonder if most of the marine animals died curled up like this when they are washed onshore.  

The spider spins it's web in a spiral shape with tuns of webs in a convergence and continuity manner. 
This lead me to think if it's web could capture lots of prey as there are small gaps in between the webs. I wonder on its functionality and its strength which allows it to capture its prey.

10 x 2

Spider web

Spider web
Web in harmony
Convergence movement
Spider in the middle of the web
Green grass

2 Questions

Why some of the spiders don't produce web but some does?
Can the spider web make cloths and fabric stuff ?

Reflections of myself in store window

This is my reflection standing in front of the shoe store, the reflections are rather clear as there are no lights in the store windows. I wonder why the image of the reflections is unclear and what causes the reflections that is projected on the window.

10 x 2
Shoes- leather
Shelves- wooden
Picture frames- wooden
Glass window- transparent

Dull- no lights

Shoes colour
Red and blue contrast

My reflection 
cell- phone

2 Questions
  • Why if there is more light, less of my reflections are reflected?
  • Will it be possible for the store to display their items without the glass window?

The reflections in the window has become dimmer since the sun had came out. This Apple store is spacious in the interior, that lead me to think if that is the reason why less reflections are produce. I wonder if there is an darker color objects that are placed to the windows that might create more reflections.

Less reflections are produced due to the spotlights. As more lights are castes and numerations of light bounce if more lightnings are used. The reflection only cast on the black surface of the wallpaper as you can see a little bit of my shadow figure.  I wonder if darker shades of colors are used that would create lots of reflections onto the glass.

As for these it has a clearer view of the refection due to black background.

Bike that reminds you of a food

The whole bicycle 


10 x 2
  • Thick tyre
  • Chain stay
  • Head tube
  • Bottom bracket
  • Rear dropout
  • Seat tube
  • Pivots
  • Top tube
  • Suspension fork
  • Preload adjuster
  • Black
  • White words
2 Questions

I wonder on its flexibility on the road. 
I wonder how fast can a bike goes.


 The wheel of the bike looks like a donut or a lemon peel , as it is rounded in shape. This lead me to wonder if it can be designed into a donut with sprinkles that would be interesting. I rims of the wheel looks heavy.


The bicycle pedal looks likes a pancake or a sandwich viewing from the side. I think if the pedals have adjustable straps, so that our feet wont slide off easily and it is much safer.
I wonder if the pedals can be designed into a shoe figure, so that we don't need to wear any shoes. 

 Bicycle seat

The bicycle seat looks like a pear of it's out shape, it will look more a like if it's lighter green in color. In my point of view, after a long hour of rides, you can feel the pain in your butt due to the hard seat. I think it would be great if they can use a softer materials to make the seat. I wonder if the seats can be design into a fruits with this similar shape that would be interesting.

Analogical Thinking- Bicycle tire and lemon Peel

The similarity between the lemon peel and the bicycle. The carpel partition of the lemon peel that looks like the spoke of the tire. The lemon's rind looks like the tyre of the bike. I think if the wheel of the bike comes from the inspiration of the lemon. I wonder if the the color of the wheel may have variety of vibrant colors that makes it look interesting.

 10 X 2

  • White text
  • Black color
  • Hub
  • Stand
  • Spoke
  • Rim
  • Bumpy

  • Albedo
  • Flavedo
  • Rind
  • Carpel
  • Yellow color


After the research, I found out that many shapes and forms, whether its manufacture by machines or nature causes, it all comes from the creation of sciences, technologies and nature resources and creations, that makes our life wonderful, interesting and lively to explore more things.

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