Thursday, 13 October 2016

week 9

Force comnection

Analogies thinking of the presentation

Last Friday, our class did an presentation on analogical thinking of see and think of a things that looks alike of an other things. 


I have learn that we can get inspiration from a simple objects in our daily life. The similarity of  between the two different objects has an similarity in shapes, color, texture and sizes in some parts of  the things or the its figure.

Force connection of picture a day

In the Promenade MRT station, there are design of the water droplets dripping down. It has shimmered crystal that makes it looks like a mercury. I wonder what does it represent or message about this design.

The superimposition of lines to form a rhythm and movement. This design looks complicated and seems to overlapping with the lower layer. (the model on the right) It has an interesting overlapping.

This wall is full of drawings done by spray can with full of words and pictures compiling them together to form an artwork that creates an contrast. 

The mosaic looking windows has a repetition of green and yellow contrast. That gives an interesting look by its rhythm and movement.

The rainbow appears after a heavy rain, its looks like a bridge from one location to another. I wonder why the color of the rainbow can hardly see it.

This Gothic church has been a century, it still look pretty new as there is people maintaining the church in a good condition. I wonder how this structure can last an decades of years without collapsing. 

The chandelier has a circular metal wire around it that looks much more different from the normal design of the chandelier. I wonder how the designer cam up with the design.


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