Thursday, 13 October 2016

Week 10

What is empathy

Empathy means to have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. If it is used in the design of a product, it means that, to make life easier for the user.

Empathy picture a day

This pen has the multi-function to use it as an pointer to use it for presenting, especially for slide presentation that would be much useful as it would not cause shadow on the screen and it is much more easier to identify the things you are mentioning. 

When I am on my way home, I noticed a group of ladies dancing under the pavilion. As the couch was playing music while instructing on the moves. This shows a way of empathy as the participants are able to exercise while enjoying the music, to built up an healthy body.

This sofa can be used as a double deck-bed that actually make life easier that save up spaces, for small living space.

The pocket knife shows empathy as it has variety of cutters into one, this helps to make life easier for us as all the cutters are there, and unneeded to buy cutters for different purpose.

This multi-functional coffee-table can be used as foot-rest, that shows empathy.

This combination of drawer and cabinets that save up lots of space as its flushed in design.  

This cup can be used as a steamer for beverage that needs to be dissolved such as coffee powder,
Milo powder and so on.

My sketchers

This was the assessment that we did in class, it is about how we think the items would look like if expressing in different emotions. 


I have learnt that even a simple object can make our life easier by compiling two different things into one. This makes our life easier, save cost and more convenient, which shows empathy to the people.

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