Thursday, 13 October 2016

Week 11


Scamper is an acronym for seven thinking techniques that help those who use them com up untypical solutions to problems.The thinking techniques are so common to human creative behavior that might be more accurate.The mnemonic for collection of techniques rather than a technique of its own. 

Last presentation on multi-functional product design

On the last lesson, we presented the owner own ideas called power case, it  has compiled with pencil case, power bank, thumb drive. During the presentation, I think that I did better than the last presentation, as I am more confident and flounce , compared to before.

Scamper of  picture a day

These two-dimensional accessories shows a different types of themes and animals through the colors and design. I wonder why the designers chose mainly spiders and horses as their topic.

There are also some three-dimensional figures that are displayed in the display shelves.I wounder if its hand-made or using technician machines like 3D printer to do it.

The flower origami was impressive as some of designs are fine in the details like the flower petals this enhance an firm and clutter feel. 

Book : Graphic Design

This artist utilized white art card and lightnings to create an atmosphere of a night feel. That I think its an brilliant idea to use lighting in different tones to create atmosphere, which emphasis the feeling in the masterpiece.

This is another art piece that they used to create using only butterflies. The intense of the colors and contrast that brings out to life. This also creates an rhythm and movement by position it with different

Plants form an human figure playing saxophone?  This looks interesting as it tells us that music brings out life and peace just like in the wild of nature.

This works users fine lines to create flowers and animals. I wonder how long does it takes to do this art work.

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